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National Embroidery School

ANZEG's Conferences offer 4 days of expert tutorials, with well known New Zealand tutors.

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Conference 2022 workshop welcome and general conditions information
Conference Registration Book as it appeared in October's issue of ANZEG Threads magazine
Conference 2022 full Registration Book
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To view each workshop's details, click on the image. You will be able to view/download the PDF.

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Monday July 18 & Tuesday July 19

All classes are $95 per day ($190 total) plus workshop fees.

201: Cathy Brickhill, ANZEG Invited Tutor at Conference 2022

Sculptural Leaves and Flowers

203: Wendy Johnstone, Conference 2022

Creative Inspiration

Subsidised by ANZEG:

Only $50/day ($100 total)

205: Julie Clemett, Conference 2022

Floral Monograms

207: Fiona Crowther-Aker, Conference 2022

Hot Air Balloon

209: Anne Jacquiery-Newall, Conference 2022


211: Ailie Snow, Conference 2022

Depth and Dimension

213: Cate Longley, Conference 2022


215: Sue Swann, Conference 2022

Desert Birds

217: Tricia Hewitt, Conference 2022

Double Delight

219: Jo Dixey, Conference 2022

Absolute Beginners

Long and Short

221: Marianne Hargreaves, Conference 2022

Old Stitch / New Stitch

223: Maree Burnnand, Conference 2022


225: Shirley Pygott, Conference 2022


The Steampunk Owl

227: Sue Lucas, Conference 2022

Miniature 16th Century Inspired Casket

229: Jill Wilson, Conference 2022

Bees, Beasties

and Blooms

231: Lynn Smart, Conference 2022



233: Lois Parish Evans, Conference 2022

Designing Your Own

Textile Art

235: Ronnie Martin, Conference 2022

Exploring The Surface

237: Margaret Douglas, Conference 2022

The Ring

239: Sandra Brooks, Conference 2022

Develop Your Own

Schwalm Design

Wednesday July 20 & Thursday July 21

All classes are $95 per day ($190 total) plus workshop fees.

202: Cathy Brickhill, ANZEG Invited Tutor at Conference 2022

Coral Bowl

204: Wendy Johnstone, Conference 2022

Create and Assess

Subsidised by ANZEG:

Only $50/day ($100 total)

206: Julie Clemett, Conference 2022

Food Umbrella

208: Fiona Crowther-Aker, Conference 2022


210: Anne Jacquiery-Newall, Conference 2022


in Autumn

212: Ailie Snow, Conference 2022

Finding Your Focus

214: Cate Longley, Conference 2022


216: Sue Swann, Conference 2022

Punto Antico

Notebook Cover

218: Jo Dixey, Conference 2022

Next Steps In

Long and Short

220: Marianne Hargreaves, Conference 2022

Print, Patch, Embellish

222: Maree Burnnand, Conference 2022

Isolation Beauty

224: Shirley Pygott, Conference 2022

Autumn Leaves

226: Sue Lucas, Conference 2022

Three Kings

228: Jill Wilson, Conference 2022

Fabric Needlebook

230: Lois Parish Evans, Conference 2022

Creating A Landscape

232: Margaret Douglas, Conference 2022

The Things We Find


All classes are $95 per day plus workshop fees.


July 18 ...>

101: Liz Wilson, Conference 2022

Blue Heaven


July 19...>

102: Liz Wilson, Conference 2022

Singing The Blues

Wednesday July 20...

103: Tricia Hewitt, Conference 2022

Stitch A Plenty Sampler

104: Lynn Smart, Conference 2022

Crewelwork Sampler

105: Ronnie Martin, Conference 2022

Stitch The Mark

106: Sandra Brooks, Conference 2022

Making Thread

From Paper

Conference 2022 Covid-19 Policy


Registrations cancelled before March 1, 2022 will be refunded, less an administration fee of $30.
Refunds after March 1 and before June 1, 2022 will be made only if your place can be refilled in a workshop, and less an administration fee of $60.
Note that you may send a friend in your place, at no penalty, but please advise the change in name so that we can welcome her/him with the correct nametag. 
The Conference committee may consider any application for refund on its own merits.
No refunds will be made after June 1, 2022.
If there are insufficient enrolments by March 2022 a workshop may be cancelled. Please enrol early to ensure your favourite goes ahead. If a workshop is cancelled for any reason, you will be advised as soon as possible and offered either an alternative or a full refund of fees.
Force Majeure: In the case of circumstances that are beyond the control of ANZEG and the Conference hosts, eg, local or national disruption in case of fire, natural disaster whereby the venue(s) and/or travel are affected severely, and the Conference is cancelled, an administration fee of $15 will be deducted from the registrant’s refund.

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