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Embroidery Modules and Diploma programme

Through the ANZEG Education programme, anyone can enroll in our

Embroidery Modules and Diploma programme.

ANZEG Modules Courses are designed to encourage the self-development of any stitcher (not only Guild members). They provide a wide range of embroidery techniques to explore. Some students have formed a group and have worked through their modules together and if you wish, a mentor can be appointed to help guide you – but however you choose to do it, this can be an exciting voyage of discovery.

Students are encouraged to research their chosen topic through books and the internet, observation, classes, etc and at the end present their work in a folio of worksheets complete with design inspiration and embroidery samples.

A series of exercises are presented for each topic and the student must work through these (there are lots of choices) to demonstrate their understanding of the topic and its history. Experimental work is encouraged and the completed folio of work must be accompanied by two completed articles.

To achieve the Diploma of Embroidery, students must complete five modules:

(Design, Colour and History of Embroidery are compulsory)

plus two other modules of the student’s choice. Topics include:

• Colour study

• Design

• History

• Appliqué

• Blackwork

• Canvaswork

• Church Embroidery

• Counted Thread

• Cutwork

• Drawn Thread I and II

• Fabric Manipulation

• Machine Embroidery

• Metal Thread (ie Goldwork)

• Needlelace

• Patchwork

• Pulled Thread

• Quilting

• Surface Stitchery and Surface Stitchery 3D

The syllabus, giving more detailed

information about the Embroidery

Modules and Diploma courses is

available to ANZEG members for $20.


For more information or to buy a

copy of the work book, please contact:

Paula Hucklesby

ANZEG's Embroidery Modules Co-ordinator


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