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Nikki Delport-Wepener

ANZEG Invited Tutor
Nikki enjoys designing new techniques, integrating Eastern and Western cultures and mastering techniques from antiquity. She is a qualified school teacher and certified embroidery artist, having trained in freestyle embroidery in South Africa. She has also attended the Royal School of Needlework and City & Guilds (London).

M | Tu    201    Butterfly Feeding (silk shading, 2 sided)
W | Th    202    Poinsettia (stumpwork)


Wendy Johnstone

ANZEG subsidised workshop
Wendy is a vastly experienced and passionate embroiderer and tutor. She has served at all levels of ANZEG and was instrumental in developing the revamped ANZEG Modules and Diploma course. After six years of study through the Embroiderers’ Guilds of America, Wendy qualified as a Master Needlework Judge.

M | Tu    203    Inspiration for Creativity
W | Th    204    Create & Assess


Ann-Marie Anderson-Mayes
Based in Perth, WA, Ann-Marie is passionate about sharing her love of the myriad patterns that emerge from playing with geometry, colour, and canvas. 
She has taught in Australia and internationally, both in person and online since 2012. She is convinced that she has the best job in the world!


M | Tu    205    Happy Hussif
W | Th    206    Pretty Parterre


Sandra Brooks
Sandra is an embroiderer, weaver and braider from Wellington. She has been embroidering most of her adult life and experiments with a variety of embroidery techniques. Her current focus is on Schwalm and stumpwork. She is an experienced tutor and has tutored a number of workshops in her areas of expertise.

M | Tu    207    Edelweiss (Schwalm)
W | Th    208    Rising Phoenix (stumpwork)


Maree Burnnand
Maree has always had a love for textiles and fibre, and her further education was in fashion and textile design – but as she matured, embroidery has come to the fore. Her work tends to be very traditional and deceptively simple in its technique, but her modern subject matter often challenges the perception of what embroidery is... or could be.

M | Tu    209    Dipping In (goldwork sampler)
W | Th    210    Adventures in Trellis (crewel needlebook)


Julie Clemett
Julie has been stitching since she was a child, inspired and taught by generations of talented embroiderers. She is interested in a wide variety of stitching techniques and is always keen to expand on her embroidery knowledge. She really loves helping stitchers to build their confidence and develop their unique talents.

M | Tu    211    Christmas Ornaments
W | Th    212    Bountiful Blooms (Tambour purse)


Fiona Crowther-Aker
Fiona is an award-winning embroiderer and has been tutoring in New Zealand for a number of years. She loves sharing her love of stitch with others and encourages others to embroider lovingly created home-made, hand-made treasures. Her classes come with comprehensive instructions.

M | Tu    213    12 Stitches Project Case
W | Th    214    It’s Easier Than It Looks (Casalguidi)


Jo Dixey
Jo is a professional hand embroiderer, having trained for three years at the RSN. Alongside teaching various embroidery techniques, she works on commissions for the film and fashion industries, as well as being a celebrated embroidery author. Jo’s work is held in private and public collections in New Zealand and overseas.

M | Tu    215    Intro to Shaded Blackwork
W | Th    216    Blackwork: Your Design


Heather Hamm
Heather trained as a Home Economics teacher and spent most of her career working with textiles in Wellington and the Bay of Plenty. During that time she pursued an interest in textile conservation. Heather has tried various types of embroidery, but surface stitchery, canvaswork and pulled thread are her favourites.

M | Tu    217    Diamonds and Pearls (pulled thread)
W | Th    218    Festive Thread Holder (surface stitch)


Jenny Hunter
Jenny is well known throughout New Zealand as an experienced quilter, embroiderer, tutor and designer. She conducts workshops for quilting and embroidery groups and has experience in both judging and designing exhibitions. Jenny enjoys sharing her extensive design experience and love for colour, texture and stitch with her students.

M | Tu    219    Felt and Feather Bag (surface stitch)
W | Th    220    La Scarabella (surface stitch)


Helen Pearce
When Helen shifted to Coromandel, she was invited to join the local embroidery guild and this began her exciting stitching journey. Helen loves designing and constructing her own embroidered pieces. She has tutored at her local guild (Coromandel), The Great Escape and Tui Ridge.

M | Tu    221    The Orb (canvas and construction)
W | Th    222    The Orb (canvas and construction)


Shirley Pygott
Shirley has tutored embroidery for over 18 years, as well as on three international cruises. She was ANZEG’s national touring tutor in 2019 and has completed the ANZEG Diploma of Embroidery Teaching. Goldwork and needlelace are two of her specialty techniques, and she enjoys using traditional methods in modern applications.


M | Tu    223    Tick Tock...Dragon (experimental goldwork)
W | Th    224    Up In The Air (needlelace)


Kerry Seeley
Kerry’s embroidery journey started as a child with her mother and grandmother. Once she found counted embroidery there was no stopping her. Kerry has tried a host of techniques and found the ones she really loves are counted work and needlelace. For her, the joy is in watching patterns develop and her student’s excitement.


M | Tu    225    Colbert Needle Packet Holder (counted)
W | Th    226    Mint Ice Cream’ Sampler (Ukranian)


Yvette Stanton
Yvette Stanton, an Australian embroidery designer, author, teacher and historian, researches and presents forms of traditional embroidery (often whitework) in her books to preserve the skills of creating them. Yvette has written 11 needlework books. As a left hander, she teaches both left- and right-handed so all students are catered for.


M | Tu    227    Frisian Silk Sampler (whitework)
W | Th    228    Pomegranate Biscornu (Mountmellick)


Sue Swann
Sue has spent the last 20 years exploring different techniques and styles. Taking lots of different classes eventually led her to work through the City & Guilds Design and Craft course. She enjoys the challenge of designing a piece and then using stitch to translate her design into a piece of art, and loves to share this passion with others.

M | Tu    229    17th Century Redwork Footstool (crewel)
W | Th    230    Preening Peacock (Kutch & Shisha)


Jill Wilson
Jill has been embroidering and quilting since the late 80s and is experienced in a wide range of techniques. She has been a tutor since 2011 in both embroidery and patchwork. Jill has a passion for using pattern and colour to create embroidery, whether it be in counted work or surface stitching, and likes to share that passion with others.


M | Tu    231    Pattern Darning Sampler
W | Th    232    Oriental Slippers (s/stitch, construction)


Pam Wilson
Pam has been stitching in some form for as long as she can remember. She started learning more formal embroidery techniques approximately eight years ago, and in more recent years has been making embroidery kits and teaching classes as part of local Guild events.


M | Tu    233    Kiwi Getaway (surface stitch, colour work)


Judy Mason
An experienced tutor who is well known in the South Island, Judy enjoys all aspects of embroidery and is experienced in a variety of techniques. She loves to use a variety of colours to create a beautiful image, working with light and shadow to create an embroidered piece that makes the viewer look twice.


W | Th    234    Purple Passion (Jacobean, surface stitch)


Cecilie McKenzie
Cecilie has been experimenting with and learning the fine art of silk dyeing for over 20 years. The quixotic dyes continually intrigue her and she enjoys working with both established and new techniques. A passionate and creative tutor, Cecilie  can’t wait to share all the striking possibilities silk painting can offer your embroidery.

M | Tu    235    Silk Painting


Felicity Willis
Felicity is a very experienced embroiderer and tutor, who enjoys creating with colour and simple stitch and loves to share her passion for creativity in classes and as an exhibitor. She has served at all levels of ANZEG and is currently the regional representative for Taranaki, Wanganui, Manawatu.


W | Th    236    A Rose By Any Name (surface stitch)

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