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Announcing 2022's National Embroidery School Tutors

201: Cathy Brickhill, ANZEG Invited Tutor at Conference 2022
202: Cathy Brickhill, ANZEG Invited Tutor at Conference 2022


ANZEG Invited Tutor
Cathy is a graduate from fashion college with diplomas in garment construction, tailoring, pattern-making and fashion illustration. While she has mastered all types of hand-stitching, she decided to specialise in sculptural embroidery using her sewing machine to create ethereal, nature-driven pieces of art embroidery.

203: Wendy Johnstone, Conference 2022
204: Wendy Johnstone, Conference 2022

Wendy Johnstone

ANZEG subsidised workshops

Wendy is a vastly experienced and passionate embroiderer and tutor. 
She has served at all levels of ANZEG and was instrumental in developing the revamped ANZEG Modules and Diploma course. After six years of study through the Embroiderers’ Guilds of America, Wendy qualified as a Master Needlework Judge. 

211: Ailie Snow, Conference 2022
212: Ailie Snow, Conference 2022

Ailie Snow

Ailie has been working with textiles for over 40 years, regularly exhibiting and teaching all over the world. She combines stitch with a wide variety of textiles, paper, print and found objects to tell a story. With heaps of enthusiasm and encouragement, Ailie brings a sense of discovery and enjoyment to all her classes.

209: Anne Jacquiery-Newall, Conference 2022
210: Anne Jacquiery-Newall, Conference 2022

Anne Jaquiery-Newall

Anne grew up in Wanaka, a perfect place to inspire creativity. Having a mum who is an avid embroiderer, even now in her 80s, has helped as well. Anne has a passion for sewing and embroidery, or anything she can design, make or create. She has been tutoring embroidery classes for the last four years, and really enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills.

213: Cate Longley, Conference 2022
214: Cate Longley, Conference 2022

Cate Longley

Cate has been stitching since she was a child and was taught by her mother. She enjoys all types of embroidery for fun, but gravitates towards surface stitch for original design. Her favourite techniques include needle painting, goldwork and crewel. Her designs are mainly contemporary, inspired by the natural environment.

207: Fiona Crowther-Aker, Conference 2022
208: Fiona Crowther-Aker, Conference 2022

Fiona Crowther-Aker

Fiona is an award-winning embroiderer and has been tutoring in New Zealand for a number of years. She loves sharing her love of stitch with others and encourages others to embroider lovingly created home-made, hand-made treasures. Her classes come with comprehensive instructions, including a DVD, so you can stitch at home too.

229: Jill Wilson, Conference 2022
228: Jill Wilson, Conference 2022

Jill Wilson

Jill has been embroidering and quilting since the late 80s and is experienced in a wide range of techniques. A tutor since 2011, in both embroidery and patchwork, Jill likes to explore new ideas in both stitch and construction. She loves to share her passion for pattern and colour, and loves encouraging students to try something new.

219: Jo Dixey, Conference 2022
218: Jo Dixey, Conference 2022

Jo Dixey

Jo is a professional hand embroiderer, having trained for three years at the Royal School of Needlework. Alongside teaching various embroidery techniques, she works on commissions for the film and fashion industries. She authored Stitch People in 2017, a project-based embroidery book, later republished as Creative Thread. 

205: Julie Clemett, Conference 2022
206: Julie Clemett, Conference 2022

Julie Clemett

Julie has been stitching since she was a child, inspired and taught by generations of talented embroiderers. She is interested in a wide variety of stitching techniques, but her real passion lies in counted work. She loves helping stitchers to build their confidence and develop their unique talents.

101: Liz Wilson, Conference 2022
102: Liz Wilson, Conference 2022

Liz Wilson

From a traditional stitch background, becoming a member of a UK guild opened Liz’s eyes to the more creative side of embroidery. Attending workshops has developed her strong interest in textile manipulation and dyeing processes. She enjoys the serendipity of these techniques, and sharing her passion for stitch with others.

233: Lois Parish Evans, Conference 2022
230: Lois Parish Evans, Conference 2022

Lois Parish Evans

Learning to sew and draw from an early age, Lois is an award winning textile artist/art quilter who has been passionate about textiles and creativity since childhood. She loves exploring and pushing her own creativity in new directions, and in the process uses many design and textile techniques that she loves to share with others.

231: Lynn Smart, Conference 2022
104: Lynn Smart, Conference 2022

Lynn Smart

Lynn is an experienced embroiderer and teacher. She attended London’s Royal School of Needlework and in 2021 received a Certificate of Hand Embroidery (merit). This included Jacobean crewel, canvas, silk shading and goldwork. Lynn has stitched all her life and enjoys sharing the pleasure embroidery brings.

223: Maree Burnnand, Conference 2022
222: Maree Burnnand, Conference 2022

Maree Burnnand

Maree has always had a love for textiles and fibre, and her further education was in fashion and textile design – but as she matured, embroidery has come to the fore. Her work tends to be very traditional and deceptively simple in its technique, but her modern subject matter often challenges the perception of what embroidery is... or could be.

237: Margaret Douglas, Conference 2022
232: Margaret Douglas, Conference 2022

Margaret Douglas

Margaret’s happy place is stitching, with gardening a close second. She stitches all genres, but especially loves to try new things. She enjoys the whole process of designing original pieces, and loves sharing what she has learned along the way with her students – especially when they have that eureka moment as they master a new technique.

221: Marianne Hargreaves, Conference 2022
220: Marianne Hargreaves, Conference 2022

Marianne Hargreaves

Marianne has been teaching embroidery and exhibiting for more than 25 years, since she gained City & Guilds Creative Studies in Embroidery. She likes to use simple methods, especially incorporating basic printing techniques to gain maximum impact in texture and embroidery. 

235: Ronnie Martin, Conference 2022
105: Ronnie Martin, Conference 2022

Ronnie Martin

Ronnie is an award-winning textile and mixed media artist based in Nelson. She is part of the professional teaching team at Creative Journeys Workshops and regularly works with either groups or individuals. Ronnie is an energetic and knowledgeable tutor who inspires students to discover their own voice through creative exploration.

239: Sandra Brooks, Conference 2022
106: Sandra Brooks, Conference 2022

Sandra Brooks

Sandra is an embroiderer, weaver and braider from Wellington. She has been embroidering most of her adult life. As well as being an experienced tutor, she has attended many workshops in her areas of expertise in both New Zealand and overseas, and has exhibited her own work both here and abroad.

225: Shirley Pygott, Conference 2022
224: Shirley Pygott, Conference 2022

Shirley Pygott

Shirley Pygott has  tutored embroidery around NZ for more than 16 years. She has taught on three international cruises and was ANZEG’s national travelling tutor in 2019. Goldwork and needlelace are two of her specialty techniques, and she enjoys using traditional methods in modern applications.

227: Sue Lucas, Conference 2022
226: Sue Lucas, Conference 2022

Sue Lucas

Sue loves to stitch! She loves the challenge of exploring different ideas – working through the design, colour, stitch, and material choices – to express the ideas in her imagination to others. Sue is an experienced teacher who enjoys sharing her knowledge and giving others the confidence to express themselves in stitch too.

215: Sue Swann, Conference 2022
216: Sue Swann, Conference 2022

Sue Swann

Sue has spent the last 20 years exploring different techniques and styles. Taking lots of different classes eventually led her to work through the City & Guilds Design and Craft course. She enjoys the challenge of designing a piece and then using stitch to translate her design into a piece of art, and loves to share this passion with others.

217: Tricia Hewitt, Conference 2022
103: Tricia Hewitt, Conference 2022

Tricia Hewitt

Tricia enjoys creating beautiful handmade articles using paper, mixed media, fabric, thread and beads, finding challenge in both traditional techniques and experimental work. Tricia is a very experienced embroiderer and tutor, and the designer of ANZEG’s Mystery Stitchery Conference 2022 canvaswork fundraiser.

The National Embroidery School will be held  from Monday July 18 to Thursday July 21, 2022

at Tauranga Boys’ College, 664 Cameron Road (parking available off Devonport Rd).

  CLICK HERE   to go to the Workshops page - full views of the samples and

descriptions of each class are available to view, download and print.

Nau Mai! Haere Mai! We can’t wait to see you there.