The ANZEG Education Co-ordinator is responsible for all matters relating to education and training of embroiderers’ within ANZEG, including:

• Assist embroiderers to enrol in ANZEG's Embroidery Modules and Diploma programme.

• Administering the ANZEG Tutors’ Register

• Co-ordinating the annual Postbag Challenge embroidery exhibition

• Keeping up with trends in the world of embroidery

• Promoting the work of ANZEG throughout New Zealand


For more information about ANZEG’s education programme contact ANZEG's Education Co-ordinator:

Paula Hucklesby

email: anzegeducation@gmail.com

Entries to 2021's Postbag Challenge have now closed and are with the judges. Results and a gallery will be posted soon.

The prizes are as follows:
ANZEG: Overall winner $500;  $150 Print Ready merit prize;  $50 viewers’ choice.
Sewing Supplies prizes (for pieces stitched using some of their threads):
1st $300,  2nd $150,  3rd $100.