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ANZEG Resources Gallery


Have you ever wanted to learn a new technique?


ANZEG's Folios are the perfect way to learn something new or hone your current skills. Folios include a beautiful sample and full instructions created by expert embroiderers. These are only available to ANZEG members at a cost of $15 for 2 months hireage.

Download the ANZEG Portfolios PDF for full details on how to contact the Resources Custodian, Jill Wilson.

1.    From My Hands*:
       Danish Handkerchief and Paua Lights
2.    Assisi*
3.    Pulled Thread Bookmark***
4.    Italian Inspiration Mat**
5.    Tassels and Cords*
6.    Dorset Feather Stitchery*
7.    Edgings*
8.    Hems and Mitres*
9.    Lavender Bags*
10.    Italian Whitework Mat**
11.    Hardanger Tassel*
12.    Surface Stitchery*
13.    Toggles* (being revamped at present)
14.    Blackwork Bookmarks
15.    Wessex Needle Folder**
16.    Latvian Inspired Mat**
17.    Canvaswork Ribbon Pincushion*
18.    Mounting Embroidery

19.    NEW Hedebo
20.    NEW Ruskin Lace
21.    NEW Threads from Jane

22.    Hussif**
23.    Russian Filigree Mat**
24.    Designing with Pattern Darning*
25.    Canvas Needlecase with zip pocket
26.    Design*** (6 part folio)
27.    Linen Needlecase with Picot Edge*
28.    Elizabethan Sweet Bag***
29.    Cross Stitch Hussif
30.    All In White Sampler***
31.    Florentine Canvaswork*
32.    Wessex Concertina Needlebook**
33.    Schwalm * and ***
34.    3 Dimensional Trees**
35.    Drawn Thread Mat***
36.    Goldwork * and ***
37.    Elizabethan**
38.    Needlelace***
39.    Christmas Decorations* (Conference Raffle 2016)
40.    Stitch Sampler Booklet*
41.    Rectangle Covered Box*
42.    Pattern Darning Pincushions*

43.    NEW Garden Sampler
44.    Jacobs Ladder Needleholder*
45.    Wool Felt Christmas Baubles*
46.    ANZEG Diary Cover*
47.    Velvet and Felt Bag*
48.    Introductory Stitch Programme*
49.    New Zealand Needle Roll**
50.    Berlin Woolwork*
51.    Canvas Pincushion**
52.    Pulled Thread Needlebook*
53.    Both Sides The Same***
54.    Kogin Zip Purse*

55.    NEW Pohutukawa Mat
56.    NEW Blackwork Xmas Decos
57.    NEW Pocket for Titania
58.    NEW Peacock Scissor/Needlecase
59.    NEW Elizabethan Pincushion