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Focus On Stitch Virtual Exhibition heade

UPDATE: 14 July 2020

The wait is over... our Virtual Exhibition is live

Offical Press Releases:

Focus on Stitch Virtual Exhibition goes

live on ANZEG website: www.embroiderynz.co.nz/gallery

Tuesday July 14, 2020 at 5pm


A fabulous selection of embroideries to enjoy - the next best thing to actually seeing them live at an exhibition! Check out our winners - enjoy the beauty and variety. Be amazed at the creativity!


The selectors Susanna Shadbolt, director of Aratoi: Wairarapa Museum of Art and History, Reverend Liz Greville, Masterton, and Jenny Hunter, Levin, were delighted with the variety, imagination and quality of the stitching,  and hope you will all be inspired to create new embroideries for our next exhibition - whether it is virtual or physical!


Covid-19 may have put us all in lockdown but it didn’t shut down the creative impulse and the 51 embroideries on our website embroiderynz.co.nz are testament to this.


Although it might have seemed like a hassle to send the embroidery away to be photographed by Threads designer, photographer and website administrator Amanda Sherman - the quality of the photography means that you will all be given the best possible look at each work - short of actually viewing the embroidery.


A huge thank you to the embroiderers who took that leap of faith and entered their embroideries to create ANZEG’s very first virtual exhibition - a feast of colour and stitch - firmly putting the focus on what we do best - stitching. Congratulations to everyone who took part, not just our very deserving winners, the resulting exhibition is wonderful. Make sure you visit it soon at www.embroiderynz.co.nz


Trish Hughes  ANZEG President

Felicity Willis  ANZEG Exhibition Liaison Person and Publicity Contact

                         Email anzegtwm@gmail.com

Caroline Strachan  Secretary, ANZEG Conference: Vision 2020

Amanda Sherman  Threads designer, photographer + web administrator


PS: You can choose your favourite.  Just ‘heart’ it on the website and at the end of July we will add up the totals and announce an overall viewers’ choice winner.

UPDATE: 1 August 2020

The Viewers' Choice prize goes to Claire North's One Fish, Two Fish. Congratulations Claire and thank you to everyone who voted.

UPDATE: 6 July 2020

Young Persons' Virtual Exhibition now open!


We are very pleased to announce that the Young Persons' Vision 2020 Focus On Stitch exhibition is going ahead too - also in the Virtual format.


This exhibition is open to all young people - you don't have to belong to one of our Guild's to enter.

To find out more you can contact your local Guild or download the covering letter here, and the entry form here.

Selectors' Comments:

Overall we were pleased with the quality of stitch and the way exhibitors used stitch to convey the exhibition theme ‘Focus on Stitch’.

There was a wide and imaginative use of ideas, colour and media amongst the embroideries presented, particularly in the contemporary section and we were impressed with the way entrants were boldly using technology in their work.

The traditional section was particularly impressive because of the way in which embroiderers had managed to preserve traditional stitching in a modern way, always keeping the stitch and the beauty of stitch as the focus of their work. Words such as ’intriguing’ ‘stunning’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘gorgeous’ came to mind as we made notes on and viewed the works. We liked the way many recalled memories of former times, family members and friends, preserving those memories in stitch for the future.

There was strong consensus in deciding the winning embroideries in the different sections, although it was a slow process to reach that point. Otherwise excellent work was let down by poor finishing, a misplaced line, an over-complicated design, or poor colour choice. But overall the exhibition shows that there are some amazingly creative embroiderers who are bold enough to put their ideas and embroideries out there into the wider world for all to admire and be inspired by.

We would also like to have known more about the embroiderers’ thought processes in creating their work - some of the artist’s statements described processes and materials rather than why they had stitched what they did and we appreciated those statements that did give us an insight into the artist’s thinking.

Although initially hesitant about selecting an exhibition of embroidery (a tactile and three-dimensional art) virtually via the internet, we felt that by using the high-quality photographs supplied by Amanda Sherman which demonstrated each work from a variety of angles - in the way that each of us might look at the work in ‘real life’ we had a very accurate ‘feel’ for each piece and have been able to give each embroidery due consideration.

Susanna Shadbolt, director of Aratoi
   Wairarapa Museum of Art and History

Reverend Liz Greville, Masterton

Jenny Hunter, Levin.

Click here to find out more about the judges.

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