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The tutors register is an ongoing project, with new Tutors being added as they supply information.

Thank you to all the tutors who have supplied information - you will have received your first proof (as of February 26, 2022).

If you are a member of ANZEG and would like to advertise the classes you teach (for free!) here, please fill in and return this form [CLICK HERE] and accompanying photo(s) to:

ANZEG Education Coordinator: Paula Hucklesby

ANZEG Tutor, Felicity Willis.
ANZEG Tutor, Fiona Crowther Aker.
ANZEG Tutor, Jill Wilson.
ANZEG Tutor, Julie Clemett.
ANZEG Tutor, Kerry Seeley.
ANZEG Tutor, Maree Burnnand.
ANZEG Tutor, Margaret Douglas.
ANZEG Tutor, Marianne Hargreaves.
ANZEG Tutor, Shirley Pygott.
ANZEG Tutor, Wendy Johnstone.
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