ANZEG has an extensive collection of teaching aids, folios and DVDs for Guilds and individual guild members to use.


The folios are available to borrow for two months at a cost of $15 and the DVDs for one month for $10. This amount covers the cost of handling and postage.

To download a full list of Folios or DVDs, simply click on the

Teaching Aids pictures.

For more information contact ANZEG's Resources Custodian:

Jill Wilson


ANZEG Folios_July2020.jpg
ANZEG DVDs_July2020.jpg
ANZEG Resources Folios July 2020 update

FREE Stitch Projects for children...

Click on the picture to download the instructions.

ANZEG Kids_Embroider Drawing.jpg

Project 1:

Embroider Your Drawing

ANZEG Kids_Button Bead Brooch.jpg

Project 2:

Button & Bead Brooch

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