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ANZEG has an extensive collection of teaching aids, folios and DVDs for Guilds and individual guild members to use.


The folios are available to borrow for two months at a cost of $15 and the DVDs for one month for $10. This amount covers the cost of handling and postage.

To download a full list of Folios or DVDs, simply click on the

Teaching Aids pictures.

For more information contact ANZEG's Resources Custodian:

Jill Wilson

email: anzegresources@gmail.com

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DMC Publications,


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ANZEG Resources.

ANZEG Portfolios, ANZEG Folios. New as of February 2022.
ANZEG Folios, February 2022
ANZEG DVDs, February 2022.

FREE Stitch Projects for children...

Click on the picture to download the instructions.

ANZEG Kids_Embroider Drawing.jpg

Project 1:

Embroider Your Drawing

ANZEG Kids_Button Bead Brooch.jpg

Project 2:

Button & Bead Brooch

PROJECTS from ANZEG Threads...

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Jean Rothwell red bag.jpg

Project 1:

Jean Rothwell's embellished bag