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Get your needle and thread ready...

It’s time to start a new and exciting

journey on this mystery stitchery!


For the first time ever ANZEG is presenting a National Mystery

Stitchery as a fundraiser for our Biennial ANZEG Conference 2022.


As you may be aware, the Association is becoming more involved in the organisation

and fundraising for the Conference and will be working in conjunction with the

Tauranga Conference Committee to present an interesting and exciting project.

To kick it all off, with the help of a very experienced New Zealand designer,

we have come up with a beautiful project we know you will all want to stitch

and we are very excited to announce our first ever ANZEG MYSTERY STITCHERY.

The first section of the project was emailed out on March 1, 2021. Each month included a new stitch which can be worked in various areas of the design. There is a Facebook page and participants have enjoyed supporting each other and comparing colour schemes and their progress. Visit: ANZEG Mystery Stitchery

The last mystery installment will go out on September 1 - at which time the entire project will be available for purchase as a complete set.

If you are interested in purchasing the pattern, visit ANZEG's shop (click here).

This is a great opportunity to stitch on your own or join with your friends! Will you take the challenge in this exciting new venture for us all?

Donna Hardie

ANZEG Conference Liaison Person

ANZEG Mystery Stitchery question